Afrikaans - World Talk CD-ROM language course (intermediate)

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From EuroTalk, the makers of the Talk Now! interactive language learning CD-ROM, comes the next level in the series aimed at intermediate levels. The World Talk series is ideal for people who have completed a Talk Now programme or who already have basic knowledge of a langugage.

Improve your communication skills with this new disc from EuroTalk. It's a step up from their famous Talk Now series.

The EuroTalk World Talk interactive CD-ROM includes:

  • Quickfire TV quizChallenge a friend or the computer
  • 10 language games
    lottery numbers
    - what did you say?
    - sentence building
    - out to dinner
    and others to help you learn, test and practice language skills
  • recording studioGain confidence in speaking the language. Take the part of an actor and record yourself!
  • dictationSix stories to give practive in dictation and comprehension -- at the speed of your choice
  • printable worksheets that you can take anywhere


Afrikaans is derived from the 17th century Dutch spoken by the Boers. It is spoken by around 8 million people in South Africa and about 1.5 million people in Namibia.

Brand EuroTalk
Format CD-ROM for Windows and Mac
System Requirements Windows 98/2000/ME/XP or Mac OS 9 or X; computer with colour display, sound, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, microphone (recommended)

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