Cabeau Magic Midnight Eye Mask

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Cabeau Midnight Magic eye mask will block out the light so you can sleep and feel totally rested.

The midnight magic mask is an adjustable sleep mask that contours to your own facial features, and the fit can be customised with the head strap and nose bridge strip. It will not press against your eyes/eyelids , and won’t smear your makeup.

You can adjust the padded aluminium nose strip to find your desired level of darkness.

The plush fabric next to your skin is comfortable, and covers the outside for excellent light absorption.

The mask even has a secret pocket for the other essentials - ear plugs (which also come free with this mask!)

Oooo, It's after midnight, there's something evil lurking in the dark... But that's ok, you won't even see it with this midnight magic mask! 

The Cabeau Midnight Magic mask features: 

  • Adjustable sleep mask that contours to your facial features
  • Padded aluminium nose strip to adjust to the bridge of your nose
  • inner rounded eye liners keep the fabric away from your eyelids
  • soft and plush fabric
  • elastic-free comfortable and adjustable straps
  • pocket containing memory foam earplugs 

Brand Cabeau
Size 68cm long (with strap) 8.9cm high, 1.9cm depth
Weight 30g
Material 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton, BRIDGE: 100% Aluminum (Padded)
Colour Black