Cabeau The Better Umbrella

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The Cabeau Better Umbrella is an ingenious design - the same size as a regular umbrella but with 30% more coverage!

The offset handle means you can carry the umbrella comfortably, and get even coverage all the way around. 
No more drippy shoulders or wet backpacks!

This travel umbrella is an ideal companion for the traveller facing inclement weather conditions. Stay dry and covered no matter the weather.

The Cabeau "The Better" umbrella features:

  • Ingenious offset tube
  • Ergonomic comfort handle
  • Improved line of sight
  • 30% more coverage than a similar size umbrella

Brand Cabeau
Open: 99 cm diameter, 58cm tall
Closed: 5.7cm diameter, 31cm tall

Weight: 369g
Material: Fabric=100% Polyester/ Handle=100% ABS Plastic / Frame=2% Steel, 21% Aluminium, 12% Fibre Glass, 8% Polyamide Plastic, 7% Poly resin