CARES ® Child Aviation Restraint System

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The CARES® restraint system helps to ensure the safety of your children when travelling by aircraft.

CARES® (Child Aviation REstraint System) is a harness type belt, which quickly and easily slips over aeroplane seats, and together with the lap seatbelt, provides a safe and effective five-point restraint for your child.

The CARES® is portable, lightweight and easy to use. It is installed on a seat in less than one minute, and easy to carry on board. It is certified by aviation authorities around the world (including Australia - CASA). CARES® is the only restraint system that is certified for take-off, taxiing, turbulence and landing. It provides the equivalent level of safely as a car seat.

It is suitable for children weighing 10–20kg, (approx 1–5 years) and keeps them secure in the event of turbulence, regular and emergency landings, taxiing and during takeoff. Just like a regular seatbelt for adults, it is recommended that you keep your belts on whenever you are in your seat, for your own safety.

An added bonus is that your child may be easier to settle, as the CARES® harness feels just like their normal carseat, and they know the routine of being strapped in. Often this makes children feel more secure, and more likely to sleep on long flights! It also means that even if you are travelling with your bulky car seat, it can be checked in as luggage and you can pick it up at the other end hassle free.

The fact is that holding a child on your lap is just not safe. In turbulence, or emergencies, they can easily be hurt by flying through the cabin, as well as injuring others. As strong as a parents love is, it will not hold your child when extreme forces are at play. Flight attendants are taught to secure all loose items, to avoid injuring passengers and themselves, and a child is no different in an aeroplane.

Nine years ago CARES® was invented and patented by Louise Stoll, a grandmother, who watched her 7-months pregnant daughter disembark a plane with a wriggling toddler on her hip, a nappy bag in her hands and a car seat slung over her shoulder. Stoll took one look at the situation and knew that “there had to be a better way!”

To date, more than 70,000 CARES® have been sold worldwide. The multi-award-winning child aviation seatbelt is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

Features of the CARES® restraint system:

  • keeps your child safe in ALL phases of flight
  • five-point harness system
  • certified by aviation authorities
  • portable, lightweight and easy to use
  • fits children 10–20kg
  • takes one minute to install
  • made from real seatbelt webbing from Amsafe, the leading manufacturer or aviation seatbelts.

Brand: CARES®
Weight: 500g
Size: fits in a 15cm drawstring bag


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