Equip cotton sleeping bag liner anti-insect and anti-bacterial (with pillow insert)

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This Equip cotton sleeping bag liner benefits from from HHL Technology Vital Protection technology, providing effective and durable, dual action, ANTI-INSECT and ANTI-Bacterial protection.
HHL Technology Vital Protection technology helps protect against annoying mosquitoes and biting insects - whilst protecting against bacteria and discolouration - thus ensuring your sleeping bag liner helps you enjoy a more comfortable night's sleep wherever you may be.

HHL Technology Vital Protection treatments are safe, environmentally friendly and have been developed in Australia. HHL Technology Vital Protection technology is state-of-the-art and has many benefits over "old school" permethrin treatments. Treatment is long lasting and washable as recommended.

ANTI-Bacterial properties provide protection from mould and odours.

Being 100% high grade cotton, this liner is luxurious and healthy. The cotton liner is perfect as a stand alone bag in warm climates or as a liner for your Equip sleeping bag.

Features include:

  • 100% cotton
  • HHL Technology Vital Protection Technology
  • Anti-Bacterial properties
  • Pillow insert

Brand: Equip
Dimensions: L 225cm W 88cm
Materials 100% cotton
Weight 440 grams 


HHL Technology Vital Protection provides effective protection against the Zika Virus transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. The Vital Protection range can be impregnated, mixed or sprayed onto textiles, clothing, mosquito nets, equipment or paint, offering the leading anti-insect technology that can safeguard the user and treated item from biting insects like mosquitoes, midges, sand flies, fleas and bedbugs as well as inhibit odours and fabric degradation.