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Equip's mosquito netting is the best-designed and quality netting available globally.

The Compact Double Mosquito Net has been designed to be as compact as possible without compromising safety. The netting material is the same as Equips standard double mosquito net (i.e. traditional design) which is very high quality and soft. Because the compact net consists of substantially less material, as compared to the standard double, the cost is substantially less, making this the cheapest high quality double net available.

Designed for: Mosquito Protection while sleeping on a double, queen or king size bed.

The Equip compact mosquito net features:

  • Available treated with Permanet. Permanet  is an long lasting insecticide net - treated with Pyrethroids, and has WHOPES recommendation for safe and effective malaria control.
  • Optimally designed holes per square inch for maximum ventilation and protection.
  • Ultra low weight and volume when packed down.
  • Quality: W.H.O. recommended white netting. White non-dyed net that allows for optimum permethrin impregnation effectiveness. click here for more information

Treated Nets are treated in overseas in bulk like all other branded nets available within Australia. For maximum impregnation quality, Equip recommends Equip standard double net (traditional design) that has been treated in Australia under strict quality control.

Read more about Permanet here: Brochure Download English


Dimensions Packed Down: only 10.5cm X 19cm (without compression)
Dimensions Erected: 240cm length, 170cm width, 130cm height.