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The Globite Anti-DVT compression flight socks are clinically proven to assist in encouraging blood circulation and preventing deep vein thrombosis during long periods of inactivity.

With a compression level of 14–17mmhg, these flight socks gently provide graduated pressure on your legs from your ankles up to the bottom of your knees. this pressure assists in getting the blood in your feet and legs moving back towards your heart, and in doing so reduces excess fluid build up, tired, swollen and aching legs. These socks have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a Class 1 Medical Device – ARTG260845.

WARNING: Do not use if you have serious circulatory problems. Please consult a Healthcare Professional on the suitability of this product if you have any circulatory problems, have had major surgery or chronic illness or if you are pregnant.

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

A Deep Vein Thrombosis is a clot of blood that forms in the leg veins. A DVT is not dangerous in itself, but complications arising from it may occasionally be life threatening. If the clots start to break free from the veins and pass through the blood stream into the lungs (a condition called "pulmonary emblous") a person could suffer from pain in the chest, worsened by breathing. Pulmonary embolus can also cause shortness of breath and the coughing up of small amounts of blood.

Most importantly of all, but fortunately rarely, if the blood clot is large enough, it can cause sudden death by travelling to the heart and lungs and interrupting the blood flow.

Prevention It must be stressed that the risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis of pulmonary embolus during flight is low, but it can occur. The consequences can be extremely serious and therefore prevention is important.

Exercising the legs while seated, getting up and walking around the cabin, drinking water or soft drinks and avoiding excessive tea, coffee or alcohol, are all simple but vital elements in preventing DVT.

Another recommended precaution is the wearing of compression travel socks. Legs tend to swell during flight due to the low cabin pressure and remaining in one position for a long period of time. 

Globite compression travel socks help prevent:

  • risk of circulatory problems such as Deep Vein Thrombosis – DVT (blood clots)
  • swollen ankles
  • tired aching legs

The Globite flight compression socks come in black and nude colours, and are sized at Small, Medium, Large. Measure the circumference around your ankle and calf to find the best size for you. Choose the larger size if between sizes

(measure circumference points) 
Small  ankle: 18–21cm / widest point of calf: 28–39cm / top band of sock: 26–37cm
Medium ankle: 21–24cm / widest point of calf: 33–41cm / top band of sock: 31–39cm
Large ankle: 24–28cm / widest point of calf: 36–45cm / top band of sock: 33–43cm

Material 80% nylon, 20% elastane
Graduated pressure 14–17 mmHg
Brand Globite
Colour Black, Nude

Important warning Do not fold top band over or allow socks to roll. Not recommended for ages under 13.