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The Globite electrical adaptor for the UK will convert appliances from overseas for use in Australian or NZ sockets.

This large earthed adaptor allows plugs from around the world to be used in Australia and New Zealand, and countries that use our 3 angled straight pin style outlet – such as China, Fiji, Papua New Guinea. (Max Total Loading 10A 240V).

This adaptor can be used in: Australia, NZ, Fiji& PNG to convert plugs from the UK, USA, Singapore, Ireland, parts of the Middle East, parts of Asia, Canada, Japan, Phillipines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tahiti, parts of Central America, and South America, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Eastern Europe, Russian Federation, Bahamas and Thailand.  

Rotate the cube to use the correct socket for your plug type - UK and USA on the top, Europe and Asian plugs at the front. 

All Globite adaptors conform to Australian electrical standards, to ensure your safety.

Warning: Travel adaptors do not convert voltage or frequency. Check voltage requirement of appliance before use. If the supply voltage and the voltage required for your appliance differ then use an appropriate transformer, or check if your appliance has a variable voltage section.