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The Henty Wingman garment messenger bag (single strap) comes with a gym / utility bag and can be used together or separately. The Wingman was designed to transport business suits, dresses, shirts, ipads and accessories with the convenience of a satchel on your back.

The Wingman has semi-rigid vertical ribs (made from 100 per cent recycled plastic) which restricts the diameter of the suit bag when rolled, minimising garment creases. This is what differentiates the Wingman from its poorer cousins – traditional fold in half suit bags.

The Henty Wingman garment messenger bag features:

  • Heavy duty tarpaulin gym / utility bag with shoulder strap
  • Large external pocket for keys, documents/folders and accessories
  • Removable 13 inch laptop pouch
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • High visibility waterproof rain jacket with taped seams
  • Stabilisation strap for cycling or walking
  • Reflective piping for flare attention at night
  • Webbing loop for bicycle light
  • Foldable hook coat hanger
  • Quick release buckle


Designed in Tasmania for world travel

Henty is a Tasmanian company named after a remote region on the rugged west coast of Tasmania, Australia. Frustrated with the lack of products available for transporting business wear, Jeremy Grey and Jon Gourlay conceived the Wingman – a multi purpose bag that enables easy and versatile all weather commuting and travel for active men and women.

It took the guys two years to finish Henty’s flagship product, which hit the market to rave reviews in 2012.

What can I fit in my Henty Wingman?

The Henty Wingman garment messenger bag has been designed to carry as little as a single shirt, or:

1 x suit (jacket and pants/skirt) + 1 x shirt/blouse
3/4 x shirts/blouses

The Wingman Compact will carry the same load. For ultimate reduction in creases, we recommend you use a dry cleaning poly bag for each item.

What can I use my Henty Wingman for?

The Henty Wingman garment messenger bag has been designed with cyclists in mind, and the majority of Wingmen are used for cycling commuting. However, we’ve also received great feedback from a variety of users who believe the Wingman has a wider application and suits their needs. These uses include:

  • Suit bag for yoga,
  • Suit bag for the gym,
  • Suit bag for paddling,
  • Aeroplane carry-on luggage
  • Walking to work


The Henty Wingman is ideal for air travel

The Henty Wingman garment messenger bag is compact enough to comply with airline carry-on luggage and it is also tough enough to travel as checked-in luggage.

Your Wingman is tough enough to check-in, but we recommend that you remove your laptop or tablet and other valuable items first. The ribs will not be damaged as the gym bag in the centre will stop them from being bent. The Wingman will provide the same level of protection as a normal soft duffle.


What size Henty Wingman should I get?

The Henty Wingman garment messenger bag comes in two sizes: Standard and Compact. As a general rule, the Wingman Standard will suit most males, and the Wingman Compact will suit most females. If you wish to confirm your size, you need to determine the full shoulder measurement of your suit/suit/blouse. See photo below for an example of a full shoulder measurement (click on photo to enlarge).

The measurement is taken from the outside edges of the shoulder pads when the suit is on a clothes hanger.


If your full shoulder measurement is:

Less than 47cm, the compact will satisfy your needs.
Between 47 and 56cm, the standard will be sufficient.
Between 56 and 60cm, some creasing may occur in the shoulder region, but overall creasing significantly less than a traditional garment bag.
Greater than 60cm, please email us and Henty may be able to tailor one for you.

Please note: this product will be shipped using a road courier service. This item can only be shipped to Australian street addresses and cannot be shipped to a DX address, PO Box or parcel locker. International delivery is not available for this product. The express next business day delivery option is not available for this product.

Wingman Messenger – Standard 1.7kgs
Rolled – 56 x 22 x 25cm
Unrolled – 56 x 101cm
Gym/utility bag 0.4Kgs
50 x 19cm cylinder; 14 litres

Wingman Messenger – Compact 1.6kgs
Rolled – 48 x 22 x 25cm
Unrolled – 48 x 101cm
Gym/utility bag 0.3Kgs
42 x 19cm cylinder; 12 litres

Capacity (both sizes)

1 x suit (jacket and pants/skirt) + 1 x shirt/blouse, or
3 x shirts/blouses

If your Henty Wingman garment messenger bag fails as a result of defective materials or workmanship under normal use Henty will repair or replace the part(s) in question. Drop Henty an email, together with your proof of purchase and a short note to explain the problem, and they will make the necessary arrangements and get it back to you right away.