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This natural homeopathic product is widely recognised as the preferred product for preventing jet lag.

With Jet Ease (called No Jet Lag in the USA and some other countries) you get:

  • less tiredness and a shorter time to recover after the flight
  • relief of sleeplessness
  • less time to reach normal energy levels
  • no drug induced side effects
  • less time taken to establish normal sleeping routines

Symptoms of jet lag are the curse of modern jet travel, resulting in loss of working efficiency and holiday enjoyment, often for days after arrival.

Jet Ease, a unique homeopathic product, now offers a convenient solution. Its effectiveness has been proven clinically and is recognised internationally by buisiness travellers, sports teams, tourist operators and airline personnel.

Who suffers from jet lag?

A major US study showed as many as 94% of long distance travellers suffer from the effects of jet lag, and 45% consider their symptoms severely bothersome.

A 2002 survey of Australian based international flight attendants confirmed results of a similar survey carried out with New Zealand based flight attendants in 1994. Over 90% of respondents saying they suffered from jet lag despite being accustomed to longhaul travel. Specifically 94% experienced tiredness and 93% reported broken sleep after arrival.

What causes jet lag?

It hardly seems possible that so many problems could result from merely travelling in an aircraft, but as the survey of flight attendants shows, it affects even the professionals. It is worse for passengers, partly because they are imprisoned in their seats for long periods of flight.

Sitting still for long periods in flight causes discomfort and possible swelling of the legs and feet. The dry atmosphere in airliner cabins can cause body dehydration. Altitude and pressure changes at each landing and takeoff also upset body systems, and although airliner cabins are pressurised these changes are a significant cause of jet lag.

The effects of jet lag may be made worse by excessive eating and consumption of alcohol in flight, and by loss of sleep, although these are not specifically causes of jet lag.

Take Jet Ease and feel fresh on arrival

Jet Ease is a unique product specially formulated and rigorously tested by a clinical trial to help alleviate the symptoms of jet lag. In the surveys of both Australian and New Zealand international flight attendents, 79% in one and 75% in the other survey said Jet Ease greatly helped them or was either good or very good in countering the effects of jet lag.

An important advantage of Jet Ease is that it contains only homeopathic products. Because of the small dilutions used, these products have no known side effects. Jet Ease can be used with all other types of medication.

Like homeopathic products, Jet Ease is most effective if taken separately from meals, but this is not essential. It is recognised that longhaul passengers often sleep for long periods in flight and wake only for meals, so Jet Ease has been formulated to ensure it will be effective if taken with meals, including coffee.

Jet Ease for business, tourism and sport

The dangers of trying to undertake important business negotiations while suffering jet lag are well known, Now with Jet Ease business people can step off the plane and attend meetings in better shape than before. They no longer need many days to rest and reorient themselves on arrival at a distant destination.

Holiday travellers can now look forward to enjoying every day of their vacation, and on returning home can step back into their lives without taking days off to recover from jet lag.

Sports competitors who have traditionally had to allow a week or more to regain their level of performance after travel can now commence training immediately and therefore regain their peak much faster.

Jet Ease has passed official tests to Olympic standards as being free from any traces of banned drugs. Jet Ease is listed by the US Food and Drug Administration for over-the-counter sale in the United States.

Jet Ease comes in the form of pleasant chewable tablets. It does not need to be taken prior to travel, and does not conflict with other medication.

Jet Ease does not counter the effects of alcohol or lack of sleep. It is recommended that in addition to taking Jet Ease, passengers adopt other sensible measures to help arrive at their destination in the best possible shape. These include not over-eating in flight, limiting alcohol consumption, drinking plenty of non-alcoholic fluids (especially water), putting feet up if there is room, and taking any opportunity in flight or during ground stops to walk and do stretching exercises.

This product is called No Jet Lag in the USA and some other countries
Contains 32 tablets

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