Korjo Electrical Adaptor: Europe, USA and UK -> Australia & NZ

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This compact electrical adaptor suits travellers with earthed appliances from North America, United Kingdom and parts of Europe. It will allow these appliances to be used in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and parts of China, East Timor and Tonga.

This adaptor does not take thick pin European plugs and non-earthed appliances from USA, UK, Japan and Europe. If you have a thick pin European plug or an earthed appliance you should buy a Europe/USA to Australia/NZ Adaptor or a Multi Adaptor for Australia. British earthed appliances require a Multi Adaptor for Australia.

This adaptor is for appliances designed for 240 volts (including dual voltage appliances). USA/Japanese appliances designed for 110/120 volts should be used with a Step Down Transformer.

Brand Korjo