LaPoche Water Resistant Pouch

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The LaPoche water resistant pouch is the organiser to keep your bits and pieces together in your luggage. Lightweight design which is great for packing overnight toiletries and other small items. Designed to go inside your LaPoche toiletry bag or can be used on its own to separate and pack your toiletries and smaller items.

Made from nylon, mesh and clear PVC, the water resistant pouch provides extra protection against spills and wet environments.

About LaPoche:
LaPoche is an innovative and practical range of travel accessories designed to make packing and organising for travel easier. LaPoche is a great range of travel organisers to keep you looking good on the road. LaPoche are pockets that travel!  Keep your favourite shirts and pants crease-free, silks and shoes apart, toiletries contained and laundry separated. Lapoche pockets separate and organise your luggage to ensure that everything arrives in perfect condition without adding extra bulk and weight to your travel goods.

The LaPoche pockets are versatile, durable and washable. Mix and match lapoche pockets and colours to suit your personal travel requirements.

Each pocket is made with quality, durable and fully washable fabrics and trims that easily fold away to store.

The LaPoche water resistant bag features:

  • Clear PVC with mesh for durability
  • loop/tab on side to grab and go
  • easy zipper slide tabs for easy access
  • durable nyon fabric and PVC
  • two sizes, small and large


Brand: LaPoche
Dimensions: small : 19cm x 9cm x 3cm / large: 24cm x 14cm x 4cm
Colours: large: black, green, orange, red; small: black, blue, red