Lingo Playing Cards

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Lingo language playing cards allows you to immerse yourself in a language and absorb it while having fun! A great gift idea for travellers.

Common phrases and words are printed on the face of these playing cards, and you can use them to learn the essentials while you travel – and even make new friends as you go!

You can use the playing cards to absorb not only the words or phrase, but the pronunciation as well. The phoenetic pronunciation is included on the cards as well – so you can practice your phrases as you travel. Or simply show the playing card to the locals – keep that "where is the toilet?"  card handy in your pocket!

This Lingo deck of playing cards is a quality, linen finished set containing 54 words & phrases essential for immersion in a culture. That's what travelling is about! 

Languages :

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Indonesian 

Brand: Lingo
One language per deck of playing cards, price is per pack.