Pacsafe CashSafe secure travel belt wallet

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The Pacsafe CashSafe Travel Belt Wallet is an anti-theft belt wallet featuring a tamperproof hidden money pocket on the inside of the belt.

Adjustable and easy to use, the CashSafe Travel Belt Wallet looks and functions like a normal belt, but also cleverly conceals your cash with an inside zip pocket.

Anti-theft features

  • Tamperproof hidden money pocket on inside of belt

Additional features

  • Plastic buckle 
  • metal free - no airport security worries
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to use non-slip buckle
  • Durable webbing material

Brand Pacsafe
Materials PP webbing
Pocket Length 70 cm / 27 in
Max Length 122 cm / 47.6 in (fits waist size 72cm - 118 cm / 46 in)
Width 3 cm / 1.2 in
Weight 70 grams / 3 oz