Pacsafe Coversafe S100 womens secret waist wallet

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The Pacsafe Coversafe S100 womens secret waist wallet is designed to be securely hidden under your clothes.

The Pacsafe Coversafe S100 is designed for a female shape. It is made from breathable, machine washable lingerie fabric, and to be a slimline silhouette. The secure clasps lie flat on the body, and the colours help ensure the Coversafe is hidden under your clothes. 

Conceal your passport, cash and cards with this hidden secret waist wallet money belt.

Anti-theft features:

  • Secure lightweight clasp for attachment straps
  • can be hidden under clothing 

Additional features

  • Fits passports, credit cards and cash
  • Soft touch breathable backing
  • adjustable length soft touch straps with clasp
  • zippered closure


Materials 190gsm soft touch Nylon Spandex, elastic straps
Dimensions 13cm x 27cm 
Drop Height 61cm - 90.5cm
Weight 24 grams

Available in Black, and Orchid Pink colours


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