Pacsafe CoverSafe S60 secret belt wallet

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The Pacsafe Coversafe S60 womens secret belt pouch is designed to be a discreet pouch attached to your belt and hidden under your clothes.

The Pacsafe Coversafe S60 is designed for a womens contours in mind. It is made from breathable, machine washable lingerie fabric, and to be a slimline silhouette. The colours help ensure the Coversafe is hidden under your clothes. 

Conceal your passport, cash and cards with this hidden secret belt pouch.

Anti-theft features:

  • Secure lightweight clasp for attachment straps
  • can be hidden under clothing 

Additional features

  • Fits passports, credit cards and cash
  • Snap button flap closure

  • Soft touch adjustable strap to attach to a belt


Materials 190gsm soft touch Nylon Spandex, elastic straps
Dimensions 13.5cm x 17cm 
Drop strap height 8cm 
Weight 22 grams

Available in Black, and Orchid Pink colours


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