Pacsafe RFID blocking Passport Protector Sleeve 50

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The Pacsafe RFID blocking Passport Protector Sleeve 50 protects your passport from identity theft.
Passports with embedded smart chips are designed to be read by RFID readers - but can also be read by thieves that have a reader/scanner.  So your ID information (passport number, name and expiry date) are vulnerable and can be used to create fake passports.

The Pacsafe RFID blocking Passport Protector Sleeve 50 is a thin and light paper sleeve, with special RFID blocking material. Your passport is protected without adding bulk to your wallet or pockets. 

- Conforms to EU, US(prop65) and International standards

-Tear resistant

-Water resistant

NOTE: 1 Sleeve per pack. One sleeve fits one passport.

Brand Pacsafe
Materials RFID blocking alumina/poly/paper composition 
Materials 13.5cm x 10.5cm x 0.1cm

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RFIDsafe technology protects your credit card and passport information

RFID chips can be found in most passports, credit cards and public transport tickets (like London's Oyster card and Melbourne's Myki). The RFID chip in the card emits radio transmissions that make them easy to use, but this also means that they can be read or downloaded by thieves by using a hand-held RFID reader from up to 3m away. All the information on your passport including your name, date of birth, digital photograph, issue and expiry date as well as biometric information can be accessed from your passport and the account name, issue date, expiry date and account number can be taken from your credit cards.

The best way to protect yourself from identity theft is to keep your passport and credit cards in a Pacsafe RFIDsafe wallet that is designed to block RFID readers from accessing your data.