Pacsafe RFIDsafe TEC slider wallet

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The Pacsafe RFIDsafe TEC slider wallet’s innovative slider system enables fast access to your cards when you need it. The slider holds up to five cards and also has a spot for banknotes. It also has an external slot for your drivers licence or transit card for easy access.

The Pacsafe RFIDsafe TEC series is made from a smooth and sleek material that is heat welded for a smooth finish. Please note this wallet has a smooth rubbery type feel – modern and clean.

The slim, heat-welded design has a soft microfiber lining and a smooth finish outer that allows you to comfortably slide it into your pocket.

Anti-theft features

  • Smart material blocks unwanted RFID readers
  • Protects personal data on credit cards

Additional features

  • Lightweight, slim design
  • Smooth, seamless, heat-welded material
  • Easy slide access to main card compartment (which holds five cards)
  • External card slot for easy access to transit cards (like Myki, Opal, Octopus or Oyster cards)
  • Note slot

Protect your cards from RFID theft

It features RFIDsafe™ blocking material to protect your personal information held on credit cards from electronic scanners, to keep you protected and organised every day. Most passports, credit cards and ID cards now contain a RFID micro-chip. This chip contains all your personal, sensitive information. Identity thieves are able to access this information from up to 10ft away with the help of an RFID reader. Pacsafe's award-winning RFIDsafe™ blocking material prevents your data from falling into the wrong hands by blocking out virtually all transmissions between 10 MHz - 3 GHz, which covers the radio frequency used in e-passports, credit cards / smart cards and key cards.
Brand Pacsafe
Materials (outer material) Polyurethane (lining) Microfiber
Dimensions (H x W xD): 9.5 x 7 x 2.1 cm 
Weight 93g