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Transatel multi-country data SIM card


Transatel multi-country data SIM card


Currently out of stock of this item


The Transatel multi-country data SIM card is a great value option for data access in 100+ countries. This SIM card works in laptops, tablets (including the Apple iPad) as well as unlocked USB dongles and Wi-Fi mobile hotspots. 

Your SIM card comes pre-loaded with €25 credit (valid up to three months) so you can start using it right away

The Transatel multi-country data SIM card features:

  • No contracts or commitment
  • One single SIM card for use in 100+ countries
  • Mobile data rates as low as €0.025/MB (approx. 3c/MB)
  • Pre-loaded with €25 credit so you can start using it right away
  • Multi-cut SIM card (works as a regular (mini), micro or nano size SIM card)
  • Works in any unlocked device including laptops, tablets, smartphones, USB dongles and Wi-Fi hotspots

Works in any unlocked device

The Transatel data SIM will work in any unlocked device including smartphones, laptops, tablets (including the Apple iPad), USB dongles and Wi-Fi mobile hotspots. 


Works in 107 countries

The Transatel data SIM cards works in the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Austria, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Bonaire, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Croatia, Curaçao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Egypt, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Granada, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Malta, Martinique, Mexico, Mongolia, Montenegro, Montserrat, Morocco, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Russia, Saint-Barthélemy (St Barts), Saudi Arabia, St Lucia, Saint Martin, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Serbia, Singapore, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Surinam, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands and Vietnam.


Easy to recharge when you're on the road

It is easy to top up your Transatel data SIM before you travel and also when you're on the road.


A €25 top up will expire if not used in three months, a €50 top up will expire if not used within six months and a €100 top up will expire if not used within one year. Because your credit will expire, it is best not to top up more than you think you will use; however it is easy to top up extra credit if you need it. 

Your recharge will work in all covered countries and the cost of your data usage will be deducted from your credit balance. You can top up online using your credit card or by PayPal.

Data roaming costs with the Transatel data SIM card

The Transatel data SIM card is great value when compared with other multi-country data SIM cards and brilliant value when compared with the roaming charges that you would otherwise pay. 

 Country  Price per MB  Price per GB  Mobile network
 Afghanistan  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  TDCA (3G)
 Algeria  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  Ooredoo Algeria (3G)
 Anguilla  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)   
 Antigua  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  
 Aruba  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Austria  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  A1 Telekom (3G & 4G)
 Barbados  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Belarus  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Velcom (3G)
 Belgium  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Mobistar (3G & 4G)
 Bermuda  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  
 Bonaire  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Brazil  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)   Oi Movel (3G & 4G)
 British Virgin Islands  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  
 Brunei  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  Progresif Celullar (3G)
 Bulgaria  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Mobiltel (3G & 4G)
 Cambodia  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  CamGSM (3G) and Cellcard (3G)
 Canada  €0.25/MB (approx. 37c)  €256/GB (approx. $377.17)  Telus (3G & 4G) and Bell (3G & 4G)
 Cayman Islands  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  
 China  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  China Telecom (3G)
 Croatia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  VIPnet (3G & 4G)
 Curaçao  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Cyprus  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  MTN (3G)
 Czech Republic  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  O2 (3G)
 Denmark  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Telia (3G & 4G)
 Dominica  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Egypt  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  Vodafone (3G)
 El Salvador  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  
 Estonia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  EMT (3G)
 Finland  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Sonera (3G & 4G)
 France  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $35.80)  Orange (3G & 4G) and SFR (3G)
 French Guiana  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Digicel (3G)
 Germany  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  T-Mobile (3G)
 Greece  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Wind (3G)
 Grenada  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Guadeloupe  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Digicel (3G)
 Guyana  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  
 Haiti  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Hong Kong  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)   Smartone (3G)
 Hungary  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Telenor (3G & 4G)
 Iceland  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Siminn (3G)
 India  €0.100/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.40/GB (approx. $143.36)   Reliance (3G) and Bharti Airtel (3G)
 Indonesia  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  Indosat (3G)
 Iran  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  RighTel (3G & 4G)
 Ireland  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Meteor (3G)
 Israel  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Pelephone (3G)
 Italy  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Wind (3G & 4G)
 Ivory Coast  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  Orange (3G)
 Jamaica  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Japan  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  KDDI (4G)
 Jordan  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  Orange (3G)
 Kazakhstan  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Kcell (3G)
 Kuwait  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  Zain Koweit (3G & 4G)
 Latvia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  LMT (3G)
 Liechtenstein  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Telecom Liechtenstein (3G)
 Lithuania  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Omnitel (3G)
 Luxembourg  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Orange (3G & 4G)
 Macao  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  Smartone (3G)
 Macedonia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  VIP (3G)
 Madagascar  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  Orange (3G)
 Malaysia  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Maxis (3G)
 Malta  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Go Mobile (3G)
 Martinique  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Digicel (3G)
 Mexico  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  Telcel (3G)
 Mongolia  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €63.49/GB (approx. $92.16)  Unitel (3G)
 Montenegro  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Telenor (3G)
 Montserrat  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  
 Morocco  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  Orange (3G & 4G)
 Myanmar  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Telenor (3G)
 Netherlands  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)   KPN (3G & 4G)
 New Zealand  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  2degrees (3G)
 Norway  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Netcom (3G & 4G)
 Panama  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Papua New Guinea  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  Bmobile Vodafone (3G)
 Philippines  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  Globe Tel (3G)
 Poland  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Play (3G & 4G)
 Portugal  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Meo (3G & 4G)
 Reunion  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  SRR (3G)
 Romania  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Telekom (3G)
 Russia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Tele 2 (3G)
 Saint-Barthélemy (St Barts)  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Saudi Arabia  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  Zain (3G)
 St Lucia  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Saint Martin  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Digicel (3G)
 St Vincent and the Grenadines  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Serbia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  VIP (3G)
 Singapore  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Starhub (3G)
 Sint Maarten  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Digicel (3G)
 Slovakia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  O2 (3G & 4G)
 Slovenia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Si.Mobil (3G & 4G)
 Solomon Islands  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  Bmobile Vodafone (3G)
 South Korea  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  SK Telecom (3G & 4G)
 Spain  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Yoigo (3G & 4G)
 Sri Lanka  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  Mobitel (3G)
 Suriname  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Sweden  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Telia Sonera (3G & 4G)
 Switzerland  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Swisscom (3G & 4G)
 Taiwan  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Chunghwa (3G & 4G)
 Thailand  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)   True Move (3G)
 Trindad and Tobago  €0.04/MB (approx. 6c)  €40.96/GB (approx. $60.35)  Digicel (3G)
 Turkey  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)  Avea (3G)
 Ukraine  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)

 Lifecell (3G)

 United Kingdom  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $37.72)

 EE (3G & 4G) 

 United States of America  €0.25/MB (approx. 37c)  €256/GB (approx. $377.17)  AT&T (3G & 4G)
 Uruguay  €0.06/MB (approx. 9c)  €61.44/GB (approx. $90.52)  Antel (3G) 
 US Virgin Islands  €0.25/MB (approx. 37c)  €256/GB (approx. $377.17)  AT&T (3G & 4G)
 Vietnam  €0.09/MB (approx. 13c)  €92.16/GB (approx. $135.78)  Viettel (3G)

The SIM card is priced in Australian dollars, but your data usage is charged in euro. The Australian dollar price next to the above data rates is indicatative only and based on the exchange rate as of 14 July 2017.

Your first €25 credit is included with your SIM card (which is good for up to three months).

Cheaper data with a Transatel data bundle

You can take advantage of cheaper data rates by adding a data bundle. There are data bundles valid for specific zones and countries and you can convert your credit into a data bundle at any time.


Data bundle Countries included Data Cost Valid
Europe 2GB Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and Ukraine (note: Germany is not included in the Europe data bundle) 2GB €25 30 days
France 1GB France 1GB €15 30 days
Italy 1GB Italy 1GB €15 30 days
Spain 1GB Spain 1GB €15 30 days
United Kingdom 1GB United Kingdom 1GB €15 30 days
Israel 1GB Israel 1GB €15 30 days
Caribbean 1GB Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, Curaçao, Dominica, El Salvador, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Panama, Saint Martin, Saint-Barthélemy (St Barts), Sint Maarten, St Lucia, Surinam, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos and US Virgin Islands 1GB €29 30 days
Oceania 1GB New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands 1GB €19 30 days
Asia 1GB Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam 1GB €39 30 days
Taiwan 1GB Taiwan 1GB €15 30 days
Africa & Middle East 1GB Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kuwait, Madagascar, Morocco, Reunion, Saudi Arabia, Turkey 1GB €39 30 days
America 1GB Brazil, Canada, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Surinam, United States of America, US Virgin Islands and Uruguay 500MB €39 30 days

Transatel data bundles are now valid for 30 days.

Activating your Transatel data SIM card

Your Transatel data SIM card is ready to use so you can hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination. However you do need to register an account online in order to top up your credit and you are required to send in a completed application form along with a photo of your passport in order to continue using your service beyond the first 15 days (this is a legal requirement for all French mobile operators). 

It is easy to set up your account online using the mobile browser on your phone (or tablet). Make sure the SIM card is in your phone (or tablet) and you are in a country where you are able to use the Transatel data service, then go to to set up your account and top up your credit.

In order to comply with the French government's identification requirements, you need to complete the application form included in your SIM card package and send it in along with a copy of your passport or drivers licence. It only takes a few minutes to complete the form and you can either email a photo of it (along with a photo of your passport or drivers licence) to Transatel or post it (along with a photocopy of your passport or drivers licence) to Transatel's head office near Paris. The application form and all the documentation included with your SIM card is in English. Although you can use your SIM card right away, you need to send the completed application along with your identification within 15 days of your first connection in order to continue using your service.

Setting up data access on your iPad

In most cases data should simply start working when you put the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad, however in some instance you may need to manually enter the APN settings. The following video shows you how to do this:

How long does the Transatel data SIM remain active?

Your Transatel data SIM card remains active for 18 months after your last use, which means that you can keep your SIM card active and recharge your account before your next trip without needing to buy a new SIM card. However you will need to buy a new SIM card if you go longer than 18 months without using it.

When you top up your SIM card, a €25 top up is valid for up to three months, a €50 top up is valid for up to six months and a €100 top up is valid for up to one year. 


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