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Transatel Wi-Fi mobile broadband hotspot and SIM


Transatel Wi-Fi mobile broadband hotspot and SIM


Currently out of stock of this item


The Transatel multi-country pocket Wi-Fi hotspot is a great value option for data access in 100+ countries. The Transatel SIM card works in laptops, tablets (including the Apple iPad) as well as unlocked USB dongles and Wi-Fi mobile hotspots. 

  • No contracts or commitment
  • One single Wi-Fi hotspot for use in 100+ countries
  • Pre-loaded with €25 credit
  • Mobile data rates as low as €0.025/MB (approx. 4c/MB)
  • Share your data connection with up to 10 devices
  • Your Wi-Fi hotspot is pre-configured with your data settings
  • Plug and play – ready to use so you can hit the ground running

Set up and ready to use

The Transatel multi-country pocket Wi-Fi hotspot comes with your SIM card already inserted in the device and the data settings you need are already pre-configured. Just log into your Wi-Fi network and enter the password printed on the package.

Ideal for families and groups

The Transatel multi-country Wi-Fi hotspot lets you share your internet connection with up to 10 different devices (including smartphones, iPod Touches, tablets and laptop computers). 

You don't need to have a sim card slot in your device, just any device that is able to connnect to a Wi-Fi network.


Comes pre-loaded with €25 credit

Your Transatel Wi-Fi hotspot comes pre-loaded with €25 credit so you can use your service for up to one month before topping up more credit (or until you have used €25 worth of data). 

Easy to recharge when you're on the road

It is easy to top up your Transatel data SIM before you travel and also when you're on the road.


A €25 top up will expire if not used in three months, a €50 top up will expire if not used within six months and a €100 top up will expire if not used within one year. Because your credit will expire, it is best not to top up more than you think you will use; however it is easy to top up extra credit if you need it. 

Your recharge will work in all covered countries and the cost of your data usage will be deducted from your credit balance. You can top up online using your credit card or by PayPal.

Data roaming costs in 100+ countries with the Transatel mobile broadband Wi-Fi hotspot

The Transatel mobile broadband Wi-Fi hotspot is great value when compared with other multi-country data SIM cards and brilliant value when compared with the roaming charges that you would otherwise pay. 

 Country  Price per MB  Price per GB  Mobile network
 Algeria  €0.100/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.40/GB (approx. $143.36)  Wataniya Telecom (3G)
 Aruba  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Austria  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.61/GB (approx. $35.80)  A1 Telekom (3G & 4G)
 Barbados  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Belarus  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.61/GB (approx. $35.80)  Velcom (3G)
 Belgium  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Mobistar (3G & 4G)
 Bonaire  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Brazil  €0.10/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.40/GB (approx. $143.36)   Oi Movel (3G)
 Brunei  €0.10/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.4/GB (approx. $143.36)  Progresif Celullar (3G)
 Bulgaria  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.61/GB (approx. $35.80)  Mtel (3G)
 Cambodia  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Cellcard (3G)
 Canada  €0.25/MB (approx. 35c)  €256/GB (approx. $358.40)  Telus (3G & 4G) and Bell (3G & 4G)
 Croatia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.61/GB (approx. $35.80)  VIPnet (3G)
 Curaçao  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Cyprus  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  MTN (3G)
 Denmark  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Telia (3G)
 Dominica  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Egypt  €0.10/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.40/GB (approx. $143.36)  Vodafone (3G)
 El Salvador  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  
 Estonia  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  EMT (3G)
 Finland  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Sonera (3G)
 France  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $35.80)  Orange (3G & 4G)
 French Guiana  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Germany  €0.062/MB (approx. 9c)  €63.49/GB (approx. $92.16)   T-Mobile (3G)
 Grenada  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Guadeloupe  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Haiti  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Hong Kong  €0.10/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.4/GB (approx. $143.36)   Smartone (3G)
 Hungary  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Telenor (3G)
 Iceland  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Siminn (3G)
 India  €0.100/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.40/GB (approx. $143.36)   Reliance (3G)
 Indonesia  €0.100/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.4/GB (approx. $143.36)  Ooredoo (Indosat) (3G)
 Iran  €0.062/MB (approx. 9c)  €63.49/GB (approx. $92.16)  RighTel (3G)
 Ireland  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Meteor (3G)
 Israel  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Pelephone (3G)
 Italy  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $35.80)  Wind (3G)
 Ivory Coast  €0.062/MB (approx. 9c)  €63.49/GB (approx. $92.16)  Orange (3G)
 Jamaica  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Japan  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  KDDI (4G)
 Kazakhstan  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Kcell (3G)
 Latvia  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  LMT (3G)
 Liechtenstein  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.61/GB (approx. $35.80)  Telecom Liechtenstein (3G)
 Lithuania  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Omnitel (3G)
 Luxembourg  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $56.96)  Orange (3G)
 Macao  €0.100/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.40/GB (approx. $143.36)  Smartone (3G)
 Macedonia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.61/GB (approx. $35.80)  VIP (3G)
 Madagascar  €0.100/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.40/GB (approx. $143.36)  Orange (3G)
 Malaysia  €0.05/MB (approx. 4c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Maxis (3G)
 Malta  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Go Mobile (3G)
 Martinique  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Digicel (3G)
 Mexico  €0.25/MB (approx. 35c)  €256/GB (approx. $358.40)  Telcel (3G)
 Mongolia  €0.062/MB (approx. 5c)  €63.49/GB (approx. $92.16)  Unitel (3G)
 Montenegro  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Telenor (3G)
 Netherlands  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)   KPN (3G & 4G)
 New Zealand  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  2degrees (3G)
 Norway  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Netcom (3G)
 Panama  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Papua New Guinea  €0.025/MB (approx. 9c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $35.80)  Bmobile Vodafone (3G)
 Philippines  €0.062/MB (approx. 9c)  €63.49/GB (approx. $92.16)  Globe Tel (3G)
 Poland  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $35.80)  Play (3G & 4G)
 Portugal  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Meo (3G)
 Romania  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Telekom (3G)
 Russia  €0.025/MB (approx. 5c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $35.80)  Tele 2 (3G)
 Saint-Barthélemy (St Barts)  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Digicel (3G)
 St Lucia  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Saint Martin  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 St Vincent and the Grenadines  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Serbia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.61/GB (approx. $35.80)  VIP (3G)
 Singapore  €0.062/MB (approx. 9c)  €63.48/GB (approx. $92.16)  Starhub (3G)
 Sint Maarten  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Slovenia  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.61/GB (approx. $35.80)  Si.Mobil (3G)
 Solomon Islands  €0.025/MB (approx. 9c)  €25.6/GB (approx. $35.80)  Bmobile (3G)
 South Korea  €0.100/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.40/GB (approx. $143.36)  SK Telecom (3G)
 Spain  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Yoigo (3G & 4G)
 Sri Lanka  €0.100/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.40/GB (approx. $143.36)  Mobitel (3G)
 Suriname  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Sweden  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Telia (3G)
 Switzerland  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Swisscom (3G & 4G)
 Taiwan  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $35.80)  Chunghwa (3G)
 Thailand  €0.100/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.4/GB (approx. $143.36)   True Move (3G)
 Trindad and Tobago  €0.05/MB (approx. 7c)  €51.20/GB (approx. $71.68)  Digicel (3G)
 Turkey  €0.038/MB (approx. 5c)  €38.91/GB (approx. $51.20)  Avea (3G)
 Ukraine  €0.062/MB (approx. 9c)  €63.49/GB (approx. $92.16)

 Lifecell (3G)

 United Kingdom  €0.025/MB (approx. 4c)  €25.60/GB (approx. $35.80)

 EE (3G & 4G) 

 United States of America  €0.25/MB (approx. 35c)  €256/GB (approx. $358.40)  AT&T (3G & 4G)
 Vietnam  €0.100/MB (approx. 14c)  €102.4/GB (approx. $143.36)  Viettel (3G)

The mobile broadband Wi-Fi hotspot is priced in Australian dollars, but your data usage is charged in euro. The Australian dollar price next to the above data rates is indicatative only and based on the exchange rate as of 16 March 2017.
Your first €25 credit is included with your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

How long does the Transatel data SIM remain active?

Your Transatel data SIM card included with your mobile broadband Wi-Fi hotspot remains active for 18 months after your last use, which means that you can keep your SIM card active and recharge your account before your next trip without needing to buy a new SIM card. If you go longer than 18 months without using your service you will need to buy a new Transatel data SIM card (you do not need to buy a new Wi-Fi hotspot device).

When you top up your SIM card, a €25 top up is valid for up to three months, a €50 top up is valid for up to six months and a €100 top up is valid for up to one year. 


This device is the Huawei E5530, which has download speeds of up to 21.6Mbps on a 3G network. This device will work on the following 2G bands: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz and the following 3G bands 900 MHz and 2100 MHz. 

* This device will work at 3G speeds in most areas of Asia and Europe, but will only work at 2G speeds in the United States. However the included SIM card will work up to 4G speed (in Austria, Belgium, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the USA) in other devices. 

Weight 120 grams
Width 93mm
Height 60mm
Depth 14mm

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