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Trip Ease - This natural homeopathic product is widely recognised as the preferred product for preventing motion sickness such as car, air or sea sickness.

Each packet of Trip Ease contains 32 tablets - usually enough for six separate trips for one person. The tablets are sealed in modern foil packaging and remain effective for several years.

What is Motion Sickness

Abnormal colour of skin, especially the face
This loss of colour is temporary and is caused by a reduced blood flow to the face and is similar to being in shock, being sick or anaemic. Once the motion sickness ends the colour returns to normal.

Feeling cold and clammy
Motion sickness causes reduced blood flow and this in turn reduces the body temperature making the sufferer feel cold and clammy.

Feeling Giddy and Faint
Not everyone who suffers from motion sickness feels giddy or faint but a lot still suffer from this symptom.

Feeling of nausea
This is the main symptom of motion sickness and is caused by conflicting messages in the nausea center in the brain. (for a fuller explanation and other causes see the next page) Many who suffer from motion sickness get the first three or four of the symptoms listed here and it makes their trip miserable but not as bad as those who start to vomit.

This mechanism is usually for getting rid of bad food from the stomach, but in the case of motion sickness there is usually no bad food in the stomach, therefore after vomiting there is not the usual relief and the suffer still feels sick and miserable.

What causes Motion Sickness

Conflicting messages
One message or signal comes from the middle (or inner) ear that controls balance and the other message comes from the eyes. During changes in position caused by travel these two signals conflict or disagree. Or seen another way, reading a book the view remains stable while the body is twisted and turned during travel. These two signals end up at the nausea center of the brain and with such confusion is it a surprise that motion sickness is the result.

Children suffer more from motion sickness than adults and usually adults over 50 rarely suffer from motion sickness. Its a case where the cliches are true, "you will grow out of it" or "its just a stage you are going through".

Racial and genetic differences
As you may have observed some families suffer from motion sickness more than others, there is also a racial difference which was shown in a medical trial. The Asian-American children suffered the most motion sickness, 100% of them and it was so bad for some of them they asked to leave the trial early.

Pre trip
Many times the previous 24 hours are the reason for motion sickness not the journey itself. Hangovers, over tiredness, anxiety, minor illnesses all contribute to motion sickness. A heavy meal, full of fat and possibly over spiced does not help either. Too many carbonated and or alcoholic drinks can unsettle your stomach which will make you more sensitive to motion sickness during the journey. Therefore if you are not fit, rested and healthy you will probably suffer more motion sickness than you usually do.

Motion sickness, techniques to reduce it

The night before the trip
Lack of sleep, hangovers and upset stomachs are wrong way to start a trip and to avoid motion sickness. Therefore careful eating the 24 hours before the trip is wise and will help to reduce the chance of motion sickness. Therefore avoid a heavy and or fatty meal, one with lots of spices, chicken and fish or anything that is old or a little suspect, like takeaway foods late at night.

Eat before the trip
The fear of vomiting while traveling makes many travellers avoid eating before they leave. But this is the wrong move as a light meal mostly starchy (carbohydrate) helps settle the stomach and reduces the possibility of motion sickness.

Eat during the trip
Snacks or crackers a little and often during the trip will also help to reduce motion sickness.

Don't read while travelling
Reading increases the conflict between what the eye sees and what the body feels which is the cause of motion sickness. If you suffer from motion sickness, try not to read while traveling.

Position yourself for the least movement
The lesser the movement while traveling the better, this means asking the driver to slow down while in either a car or bus, or sitting near the middle of an aeroplane or boat. Try and watch the horizon when you are on a boat and get plenty of fresh air even if its very cold. When in a car try and sit in the front seat looking straight ahead, if you are able, drive the car.

Use Trip Ease
This is a safe and natural homeopathic remedy for countering motion sickness, in the form of easy-to-take tablets. Being a homeopathic preparation using extremely low dosages, Trip Ease has no side effects and is compatible with other medications.

Some testimonials on Trip Ease

"I suffer very badly from motion sickness, even in a car just being driven around the city, so imagine how I feel when I fly or am on a boat! Most motion sickness tablets like Gravol make me feel drowsy - so I was extremely happy to find your Trip Ease tablets when I was in Montreal recently! They were available at the same store where I bought your other product 'No-Jet-Lag'. I used Trip Ease while in Montreal and felt so marvellous that I bought a few packets to take home with me!"
MR, London.

"I've been using your product for two years now and am really impressed with the results. I race sailboats as a full time hobby, and use your product on all overnight and long distance races (ex: The last two around Vancouver Island race. About 400 miles), and in Oct I delivered a 48 ft trimaran from Vancouver BC to San Francisco (a 6 day passage). I have tried the patch (caused me to be confused and disoriented), the wrist bands (not effective at all) and all the over the counter and herbal remedies that I could find here in Vancouver. Most were totally ineffectual (not even a placebo effect?) One of the major problems with other chemical remedies is that they are not effective if taken after you are already sick/nauseous. Your product is one of two that I have found that work after I have already thrown up (I did not think I would need them that day, so didn't start taking them the recommended two hours before leaving the dock etc).

The other remedy is Quells, a scopolamine product banned in Canada, but available in Britain. On the boat delivery I didn't need to use anything, but was really glad I had them. Four (of six) of the crew were inexperienced and violently ill. All recovered really fast after I gave them some Trip Ease. After two days I had run out and so tried them on your Time Zone product (I forget what its called), it was all I had. I did not tell them of the switch, and they did not notice the color difference between the two products. Instantly all of them reverted to their previous state of groaning, laying about and vomiting. (they were of various ages, body types and we were all eating the same food etc). So your product really works!!! Way better than I thought some holistic unknown product would. I highly recommend it."
Greg W, Vancouver

"I fly to far away places like New Zealand, United States and South Africa each year and before using Trip Ease I would become anxious pre flight and feel nervous and upset during the flight, especially so when passing though turbulence. Now when I use Trip Ease I no longer have pre flight anxiety and feel composed even when the plane moves suddenly. My tendency to motion sickness was so severe that previously in a car I would feel sick after just two turns, now I can be in a car and do 1,000 turns even on bad roads. Using Trip Ease has made big difference to my ability to travel in comfort and has fixed a problem I thought I would have to live with the rest of my life."
TW, Switzerland

"I can honestly say that Trip Ease makes the difference between me considering any form of sea-travel or not. Thank-you so much for helping me overcome what was a major problem before I used your product - on one trip on the Indian Ocean my husband had to physically restrain me from jumping overboard. Conventional sea-sickness cures made me so sleepy that I was n't comfortable taking them. Thank-you again."
Delighted of South Woodford, London

Brand: Trip Ease
Contains 32 tablets

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