Wordlock mini cable lock

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Sometimes, a small cable lock does the trick. With this Wordlock mini cable, you don’t have to fuss with choosing and remembering a numerical password.

The Korjo Wordlock mini-cable lock comes ready to go with a preset four-letter word already on the dials. It is four feet long for maximum flexibility, and it is lightweight, perfect for the small backpack or handbag. This Wordlock has uncompromising strength and security, with a minimum of moving parts and a clean design.

The Wordlock mini-cable lock features:

  • Factory set fixed four-letter password that is easy to remember
  • Strong and secure
  • Can be used as a bike lock, to secure luggage, and many other uses
  • 122cm long x 6mm thick

Brand: Korjo Wordlock
Colour: Black, Blue, Pink, Red