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Cares Child Aviation Restraint System FAQ

1. What is CARES?

CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System) is the only FAA-approved harness-type safety device for children traveling by plane. It’s designed specifically for aviation use for children aged 1 and older, who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds.

2. Can CARES be used in cars?
No, CARES is exclusively for aircraft use. It does not substitute for a car seat and is not approved for vehicle use.

3. How do I install CARES?
CARES can be installed in less than a minute on any airplane seat. It works with the existing seatbelt, enhancing its safety without the need for additional straps or complicated adjustments.

4. Is CARES suitable for use in both economy and first-class seats?
Yes, CARES is adaptable and can be used on any airplane seat, except in the emergency exit rows. It’s suitable for window or center seats in economy, business, and first class.

5. Where is CARES approved for use?
Besides FAA approval in the USA, CARES is also certified by aviation authorities in Canada, the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and several other countries.

6. How do I clean CARES?
The CARES harness can be hand-washed using mild soap and cold water. It should be air-dried away from direct sunlight. The metal parts should be wiped with a cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol.

7. What should I do if airline staff are not familiar with CARES?
Always carry proof of FAA approval when flying. CARES is labeled with "FAA Approved," which usually informs and reassures airline personnel about its legitimacy.

8. Can CARES be used for children with special needs?
CARES is suitable for many children with special needs. Consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it provides adequate support for your child during flights.