Globite packing cubes (3 pack)

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Packing has never been so easy! These Globite packing cubes will help you keep your clothing organised, clean and easy to find. They also fit nicely into any drawer, so you can keep your clothes dust free when unpacking in your hotel. They come as a pack of three convenient sizes and you can use them when travelling, in your gym bag, at the beach or even to help keep your drawers organised at home.

They are available in seven colours (plus a multi-coloured pack) so you can colour code your clothing making it much easier to keep organised. This is ideal for a couple or family travelling together with a single bag and some people use different coloured cubes to easily separate their clean and dirty clothes.

The pack of three packing cubes includes one each of the following sizes:

Small – 26cm x 18cm x 6cm

Medium – 31cm x 20cm x 7cm

Large – 38cm x 28cm x 7cm

Brand Globite
Weight 180 grams (for three cubes)
Colours blue, green, grey, navy blue, pink, purple, red and multi-coloured set (blue, green and pink)