Korjo 4 port USB charger with international plugs

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Charge all your devices in one place. The Korjo 4-Port USB Charger for Mobile Devices charges up to four of your mobile devices, including mobile & smart phones, iPod, PDAs and more, at the same time from just one wall outlet.

The Korjo four port USB charger with interchangeable international plugs features:

  • Four USB power ports to charge up to four mobile devices simultaneously
  • Includes travel plugs for Australia, USA, United Kingdom and Europe
  • Eliminates the need for multiple wall chargers and outlets
  • Use with your existing USB charging cable to power and charge your mobile devices.
  • Connect up to 4 USB devices directly to a mains socket
  • Interchangeable plug heads to fit most of the worlds power sockets
  • Automatic voltage 100-240V
  • Output is 2.1A Maximum
  • Devices such as iPads can draw sufficient power to charge quickly and efficiently from the 2.1Amps (unlike most 0.5 or 1.0A chargers)
  • Suitable for most items charged with a USB, including mobile phones, tablets, music players, digital camera, GPS, games consoles.

Note: The Korjo 4 port USB charger has a total output of 2.1A and you should not overload the hub with devices totalling more than 2.1A.  For example, an Apple iPad tries to draw 2.1A on its own, this is best charged alone. This USB charger charges 2.1A in any one port when only one device is being used. When a second device is added, each live port gets 1A. If all 4 ports are being actively used, each port receives 0.5A.

Brand: Korjo