Pacsafe Carrysafe 75 GII secure camera neck strap

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The Pacsafe Carrysafe 75 GII camera neck strap is a secure camera strap from Pacsafe, incorporating their new dyneema webbing strap connector and wire reinforced strap.

The Pacsafe CarrySafe 75 GII is a versatile anti-theft strap that can be easily attached to most SLR cameras, binoculars or their carrying cases.

Keep your camera close-at-hand and photo-ready with the lightweight, versatile, slash-resistant Carrysafe® 75 GII. Comfortable neoprene padding for the neck, and dual attachment points for both a DLSR or a mirrorless camera, make this the go-to-choice for all photographers.

Cameras are attractive targets for thieves. Use the Pacsafe Carrysafe 75 GII secure camera strap to avoid a 'slash and grab' theft of your camera when taking pictures in crowded tourist attractions, sitting down to eat, or just walking in a crowded area. 

Anti-theft features

  • Adjustable, slashproof wire-reinforced strap - Flexible, lightweight, stainless steel wire is integrated into the adjustable Carrysafe® straps making it invisible to the eye, yet is very effective at preventing bag slashers from slicing through and running off with your gear.

  • Snatchproof dyneema webbing strap tightens when dropped or snatched - Strong, lightweight and hard-to-cut webbing and straps with Dyneema® that attach to wallets, cameras and other mobile devices to help prevent thieves from running off with your equipment. Some straps have a wrist loop that tightens to your wrist if your gear is accidentally dropped or snatched.

  • Dual Release Security Buckles -  This smart buckle has a dual release button in order to open and close it. This new opening method confuses the unsuspecting thief who won’t waste time trying to unfasten it. It also allows you to attach your bag to a secure fixture, be it the leg of a table or around a palm at a beach adding a further deterrent to opportunistic thieves.


Additional features

  • Comfortable Neoprene padding
  • Suitable for most DSLR cameras and mirrorless system cameras with dual side attachment points
  • Interchangeable camera connectors
  • Webbing with Dyneema for DSLR attachment
  • Strong stainless steel wire connector for MSC attachment
Materials Neoprene padding, Lycra®, Dyneema®/ PP webbing
Maximum Length 117cm (incl connectors)
Minimum Length 100cm 
Width 4 cm 
Weight 150g