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The Tin Mill Passport hardback aluminium holder is a premium quality item to hold the most important item in your luggage - your passport.

Made from aircraft grade aluminium, this passport holder will protect your passport from damage in your luggage. Not only that, it will secure your smart passport from from RFID theft, so no-one can scan your details to perform wireless identity theft. 

The Tin Mill Passport Hardback is a product made to last, with premium quality materials and precision manufacturing. Smooth and sleek, this passport holder exudes quality.

This minimalist Passport Hardback serves to protect your passport . The slim and spare design takes up less room in your pack than bulky passport wallets, while offering a durable case for your passport and protection from wireless identity theft. Made from aircraft grade aluminium.

Brand: The Tin Mill
Colour: Black, Silver
Material: Aluminum 6061, Tumbled
Weight: 65g
Size: 13.5cm x 9.5cm x 0.75cm


What sets the Tin Mill apart

Made to last seems like a forgotten idea. Products are now made from low durability materials and churned out from factories with no standards of quality.

The Tin Mill's goal is to reverse that mindset. The Tin Mill manufacture their products using precision machining techniques, while using premium quality materials like high grade stainless steel and aluminium. To ensure quality they inspect and test every part that they make.

The results speak for themselves. The Tin Mill's products are durable, perfectly functional and have the exceedingly rare look of quality. Try their products out for yourself or take a look at how they do things at The Tin Mill.