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Europe SIM Cards

When travelling in Europe, there are a few different SIM cards that might work out the best deal for your trip.

Travelling around Europe means roaming in between all the European countries, however the EU laws have put a ceiling on the amount of roaming charges the networks can charge each other. This means that using any European SIM card will be cheaper when roaming than your Australian SIM.

Of course, if you are mostly travelling in one country, please look under that country category, as you will find the best deal SIM.

For multiple countries in Europe, what can works out the easiest to use is a roaming SIM such as Roaming SIM. This has advantages and disadvantages. The system works on a callback system, where you dial a number and they call you back (within milliseconds) to complete the call. This SIM in particular is easy to use, an Australian company, and can be all easily set up before you travel.

For multiple countries and tech-savvy users, we recommend the Ortel German SIM. This must be activated online, and you can add a European roaming package by sending an SMS once credit is added.

If you will be spending time in the UK, and making a side trip to Europe, we recommend the O2 UK SIM. This SIM will roam in Europe, but the calls are not as cheap as in the UK.

For anyone travelling with a data device (tablet, iPad etc), or wanting to use data only, we recommend the Globalgig data SIM on the GoEurope and USA plan.

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance with choosing a SIM. Let us know the countries you will be travelling to and for how long in each, and we can help you out.