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International SIM cards

Buying an international sim card is a great way to save on mobile phone roaming charges.

We no longer sell sim cards on this website, however, we have made a new site at where we continue to sell these sim cards. The new website allows us present what can be rather complicated information in a much clearer and easier-to-understand way that what is possible on this site. Moving the sim cards to the new site also has advantages for this site as it will allow us to introduce new payment options in 2020 that would not have been possible if we were to keep the sim cards on this site.

The same UK and US sim cards we sold at are now available at They are still supplied by us and are shipped from our Melbourne office as before and we are still on hand to provide after-sales service. Just like buying them from, also offers free shipping on all orders to any postal address in Australia or New Zealand.

UK sim cards

If you're going to the UK you can buy the O2 sim cards from These include the standard O2 UK sim card (with unlimited calls to UK numbers and a choice of either 6GB or 20GB data) or the O2 UK sim card with international calls (with an allowance of 1000 call minutes that can be used for local calls in the UK as well as calls home to Australia plus 10GB data).

These O2 UK sim cards can also be used for travel around Europe (at least until the end of 2020) as long as you use your sim card in the UK before heading to another European country.

O2 UK sim card

O2 UK sim card with international calls

You can also buy the O2 UK sim card with international calls from The sim card is much cheaper from England Rover (just £3) but you have to top up £20 credit after arriving in the UK before you can use it. All up, it is around $10 cheaper to buy this sim card from England Rover (but you have to spend five minutes topping it up before you can use it), but if you buy it from it is activated for you and ready to use as soon as you arrive in the United Kingdom.

US sim cards

If you're going to the USA you can buy either AT&T or ZIP SIM sim cards from The ZIP SIM sim cards are a good value option for a short trip and the AT&T sim card is a more flexible option that is better suited for a longer trip.

AT&T USA sim card

ZIP SIM USA sim card

ZIP SIM USA data-only mobile broadband sim card (for iPads and wireless dongles)