Sea to Summit Aeros premium traveller pillow

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When it comes to travel pillows, up until now there has been a trade off between comfort and packing light. While memory foam pillows offer the most comfort they are bulky and awkward to travel with and inflatable pillows have in contrast been lightweight and easy to pack but uncomfortable and poorly designed. This has all changed with the Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Traveller pillow which gives you the most comfort possible from an inflatable pillow. This pillow is quite simply the best inflatable travel pillow money can buy. Now you can sleep in comfort on your next long haul flight without toting around an enormous pillow.

The Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Traveller pillow offers the jet-setting adventurer an exceptionally comfortable pillow with minimum bulk and weight. Using the same manufacturing techniques as Sea to Summit's other premium pillows, they have shaped a high strength TPU bladder to provide ergonomic support when you are sleeping upright. The bulbous side arms provide significantly more neck support than traditional neck pillows, while the centre of the pillow is extra thin so as not to apply pressure to the back of your neck when pressed into a headrest. A soft 50D polyester casing is used for the exterior fabric, providing superior hand feel for your comfort. The Aeros™ Premium Traveller Pillow includes an adjustable neck closure to support the entire circumference of your neck, providing a more comfortable sleep.

The Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Traveller inflatable travel pillow features:

  • Adjustable neck closure for additional support
  • Made from soft, stretchy materials
  • Exceptionally compact and packable
  • Ergonomic shape and enlarged ends reduce the need to bend your neck for support
  • Narrows at the centre to fit snugly between your neck and headrest
  • Packs flat into a compact stuff sack for easy travel
  • Low profile multi-function mini-valve for fast inflation and adjustment

Inflated dimensions 39cm x 29cm x 11cm
Packaged dimensions 10cm x 10cm x 4.5cm
Colour Navy blue, lime green

Weight 93 grams



This pillow has been improved several times since it was originally launched by Sea to Summit and we sell the latest version, which was updated in 2019.

Note: The above video shows the two different Sea to Summit Aeros Traveller pillows: the Aeros Ultralight and the Aeros Premium. We only sell the Sea to Summit Aeros Premium and not the lighter version as the Ultralight version is only around 23 grams lighter (23 grams is around the same weight as four sheets of A4 paper so the difference is hardly noticeable) but it has a seam around the edges that some people find uncomfortable. In contrast, the seam is hidden on the Premium version and it is also made from a stronger moisture-wicking material that is considerably more comfortable. It is simply the best inflatable travel pillow on the market today.