Anywhere Comfort Trip Budi travel pillow

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The Anywhere Comfort Trip Budi travel pillow adapts to offer six sleeping positions and rolls up to the size of a large can. Adjustable and comfortable, it is one of the best travel pillows on the market.

The Anywhere Comfort travel pillow was developed in direct response to the bulky microfibre horseshoe or bead filled pillows that are everywhere these days. Obviously these other pillows haven’t been designed by a frequent traveller. This Safe Skies/Anywhere Comfort travel pillow does something exceptional; it provides an unparalleled comfort level and can be rolled to be packed away as a compact bundle.

The pillow is made out of custom designed high density memory foam. The foam has just the right amount of rigidity vs. flexibility to allow the pillow to adjust to any individual, and a range of positions, while ensuring proper support. The exterior is a plush comfort fabric covering, that feels amazing and is still durable and machine washable. The pillow also has two Velcro ends, so it’s really completely customisable, and often users say they feel like it was custom made for them.

This travel pillow adapts to offer six sleeping positions and rolls up to about the size of a large can for easy packing. 

You can fold, bend and twist the pillow to make the perfect shape and keep in it in the right position. The Hook Ends easily attach anywhere on the fabric to customize it's shape.

  • More positions that a standard U-shaped pillow
  • not as bulky behind your neck as regular travel pillows
  • can be adjusted to provide chin support 
  • You can adjust and change the shape during travel to maximise your comfort
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Plush, removable cover is machine-washable
Brand: Anywhere Comfort Travel Budi (formerly known as the Safe Skies Trip Budi)